French Twist.

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The French Twist is a classic updo style that is perfect for any situation, from work to a black tie event. Once you learn the technique, you will be able to put your hair up beautifully in less than two minutes. French twist style is not just for those with long hair. Females with shorter hair have the need for an elegant look on occasion as well!!! Fortunately, with a hair fork and a few hair products, a sensational French twist can be achieved.

Step 1
Step 1.

" Begin by brushing to smooth and detangle the hair.

" For hair longer than shoulder length, begin with a very low ponytail at the nape of your neck.

" For shoulder length hair, start your ponytail at the centre of your head.
Step 2
Step 2.

" Brush hair back into pony tail and grasp hair firmly with hand.

" Make sure pony tail is placed on a comfortable spot at the back of your head and where most hair will be held. Start twisting your hair.

" Keep your ponytail down for one or two twist.

" Start twisting your hair.
Step 3.

" Holding the twisted section of your ponytail, fold your hair up to form the basic shape of your French twist.

" Still holding the ends of your hair, pull your ponytail straight up, quite taut and continue to twist your hair tightly.

" Continue to twist the pony tail to the end of hair.
Step 4.
Step 4.

" Pull top of the pony tail about half way down the twist.

" Begin tucking the hair under or inside the twist.
Step 5.
Step 5.

" Hold hair fork with sharp tooth up.

" Scoop with fork a small part of the hair on the top of the twist.

" Angle the fork down to the scalp.